So how do you encourage your child’s language development? This is something very exciting about language learning in early childhood.

For your child’s healthy development,communication and language skills are essential.Needless to say parents are the best “teachers” during this period of language development in children. But they often want an easy way to engage their kids and stimulate their developing language skills. Well, a Language Development Pyramid is what you are looking for! More and more parents around the globe are using this method to support language development skills in their kids. The skills of the pyramid include:

Looking and Listening

Looking and listening skills form the foundation for developing communication skills. They give your little bundle of joy the ability to focus on and hear everything that is going on around them. It helps your child to

  • Focus on an object/person/activity of choice for 5+ minutes
  • Understand when someone calls their name
  • Increase eye contact with the speaker
  • Look to where voice is coming from
  • Follow the speaker’s gaze
  • Engage in music

Without the ability to listen and look, children will have difficulties acquiring the skills above on the pyramid.


Play is a vital prerequisite for developing early communication skills.  Play is the work of childhood as your little one learns about language, social rules, the environment, and the people around them through play. It is an important stepping stone in your little one’s speech and language development because it helps your kid to

  • Understand symbolic representation (pictures and words represent actions/ objects /ideas)
  • Learn concepts such as up/down, in/out, fast/slow, big/little
  • Understand spatial concepts (next to, behind, under)
  • Explore and begin to understand cause/effect
  • Interact more with peers and adults
  • Use imaginative play


Understanding is the ability of your kids to process and understand what they hear. It not only makes them able to understand vocabulary, but also helps them to follow instructions and ultimately understand a story.


Talking is your kid’s ability to use language to deliver a message. Requesting, initiating, questioning, and giving information all require expressive language skills. Kids need this skill to know the vocabulary and find the words they want to use and then put them together in a grammatically correct structured sentence or phrase.  Talking is not just about words, it includes how they give meaning to these words!


Pronunciation is the final piece of the pyramid. Speech intelligibility is your kid’s ability to clearly and correctly produce sounds in words and put these together in sentences so that the listener can hear and identify what they have said.

Skills at the bottom have to be in place before the skills above them can be developed.

So, are you wondering how to work on these skills? WE ARE HERE TO HELP! At NEXT STOP SPANISH, our experts are always ready to help your child wherever they are in their development.

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