Spanish language is rapidly on the rise! It is simply a beautiful language with a global influence on cultures and businesses. Well, apart from its ubiquity, there are also some fun details about the Spanish language. So, before you enroll yourself in any Online Spanish courses, let’s go through interesting facts about the Spanish language that you need to know to understand the language better.

# Fact 1:Did you know Spanish is the mother tongue of around 400-450 million people? This number makes it the world’s seconds most spoken language! (Yeah, Mandarian Chinese is still a winner with approximately 1 billion speakers, and English holds third position!)

# Fact 2:There are almost 21 countries that have Spanish as their official language including the continents Europe, Africa, and Central, South, and North America.

# Fact 3:Spanish is known as the Romance language! Yeah, you read it right! Knowing its relationships with other languages and the roots in can further help you better understand this language historically, linguistically, and culturally.

# Fact 4:Another fact is that Spanish is a phonetic language. This means when you pronounce letters consistently, each letter represents a definite sound. This also signifies that Spanish is a quite simple language for beginnersto learn, particularly when it comes to speaking and spelling.

# Fact 5:You would be surprised to know that the earliest Spanish texts were written over a thousand years ago!The Glosses of Saint Emilianus – Las GlosasEmilianenses had written in 964 that survive even today.

# Fact 6:Spanish is poetic! When you translate a line from English to Spanish, it will likely to expand by 15-25%. Not because Spanish words are longer, but because Spanish is more expressive, detailed, and poetic.

These fascinating facts reveal the Spanish language’s long heritage as well as its growth in the world today.We hopethese facts will encourage people of all ages to learn Spanish through private or group lessons, and to enjoy the many benefits that speaking Spanish can bring!

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