If your Spanish GCSE exams are around the corner and you’re confused about where to start, here are some revision tips for you to prepare wisely.

  1. Take help of applications or flashcards

To check where you stand, you can take the help of apps and flashcards. Make small cards with one side English and another side Spanish to revise whenever you get time. Or, you can take the help of Spanish apps and take a quiz. This is even better—you don’t have to carry any cards with you, just your phone. There are numerous apps available on the app store from where you can download and start revising.

Note: If you don’t want to distract yourself, it is better to make cards and switch off the phone while revising.

  1. Create a timetable and follow it strictly 

This will feel childish but if you want to be consistent with your revision and prepare for Spanish GCSE exams, make a timetable and follow it. This will add structure to your schedule and help you prioritize your revision. List things like conversation, reading, grammar or listening at a particular time and try to be fair with it. You can use google calendar to schedule your revision time or use that old school method.

  1. Take help of private orGroup Spanish lessons

Whether you take Group Spanish lessons or private ones, just make sure that your tutor knows the parts that require more revision than others. Both private and Group Spanish lessons will help you to revise better.

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